Internal displacements induced by natural and man-made hazards in Papua New Guinea

Throughout the last decade, Papua New Guinea (PNG) has experienced internal displacements arising in the context of natural and human induced hazards that includes the Manam volcano and tribal conflicts respectively. Although such events have been exacerbated in the context of the natural disasters and conflict across the country, most IDPs such as those in Manam have now been living in displacement for a protracted period (most since 2005). Particularly in Manam, access to education is still a challenge to children while access to basic social services remains also a huge challenge in most disaster and displacement affected communities in PNG.

DTM Papua New Guinea Round 1

Displacement in Papua New Guinea (PNG) occurs largely as a result of tribal fights due to land, natural disasters and or the economic situation of families. Tribal fights due to land in PNG are quite common and driven by complexity of tenure relationships, overlapping land rights, migration due to economic or environmental factors and cultural differences.