DTM Dominica Preliminary Report on Schools (14 October 2017)

The country of Dominica has been devastated by the passage of Hurricane Maria. The hurricane made landfall on the island on 18 September 2017 as category 5 hurricane, causing the death of approximately 26 persons and extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure. As per an aerial survey from the Pacific Disaster Centre of 6,770 of the 26,085 buildings in the country, 67% of buildings were damaged (moderately or severely) and 23% were destroyed. Many families who took refuge in pre-identified evacuation shelters (hereafter referred to as collective centers) across the country prior to and during the hurricane still reside in these centers.

To identify the existing collective centers and monitor displacement across the country, IOM established its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in Dominica. The DTM aims to track population movement in Dominica through a set of tools including observation, cartography, key informant interviews, and physical counting. Preliminary site verifications of collective centers were completed on 6 October, compiling data gathered by the government as well as assessments by IOM teams, starting with the 143 official centres and expanding to new, unofficial collective centres. Rapid site assessments began on 11 October 2017. Assessments are ongoing with the first round of DTM to be published by 21 October 2017.

Dominica — Event Tracking Report 1 (2 October 2017)

This document provides a snapshot of the current situation in the area of Dominica’s capital Roseau, following Hurricane Maria which made landfall on the island on 19 September 2017. Before Hurricane Maria, a list had been provided by the Dominican government to redirect displaced individuals to 143 shelter sites. Out of these pre-determined sites, a total of 14 shelter sites, all situated in the Roseau area, were visited and assessed on 27 and 28 September 2017. While three were closed due to damages, the remaining 11 shelters were functioning and hosting a total of 407 people. All of the shelters are collective centers that receive private donations, mainly churches, community centers and schools.

Dominica — (Parishes) Hurricane Maria Shelter Overview (01 October 2017)

Following Hurricane Maria, the map provides an overview of emergency shelters in Dominica as of 01 October 2017, including in Saint Andrew Parish, Saint David Parish, Saint George Parish, Saint John Parish, Saint Luke Parish, Saint Mark Parish, Saint Patrick Parish, Saint Paul Parish and Saint Peter Parish.