DTM Libya – Migrant Flow Monitoring Statistical Report and Information Package April — May 2017

During the reporting period DTM Libya observed 9,321 arrivals and 11,229 departures. Amongst both the arriving and departing populations the main nationalities were Egyptians, Nigerians and Nigeriens. Libya, Italy and Germany were cited as the main countries of destination for both arriving and departing migrants.

Flow Monitoring of Undocumented Afghan Returnees from Pakistan 11—17 June 2017

During the reporting period, DTM identified a total of 644 undocumented Afghans who had returned from Pakistan through the Torkham border. DTM has identified 69,912 returnees since January 2017.

DTM Libya — IDP and Returnee Information Package (Round 10)

From April to May 2017 DTM Libya interviewed 914 key informants across 100 Baladiyas and 657 Muhallas. A total of 240,188 IDPs were identified.

DTM Libya — Feedback Survey 2017

In order to evaluate its work, DTM published a survey containing a set of questions that may indicate the opinion of its users. Below is a brief report presenting feedback from partners using DTM Libya’s findings. These findings will be used towards supporting DTM Libya’s operations in developing a set of recommendations that support the better articulation and sharing of information on human mobility dynamics across Libya.

DTM South Sudan Village Assessment Survey | March – April 2016

The objectives of the Village Assessment Survey (VAS) are to provide baseline data for mapping the basic needs and critical gaps in areas of high return and to share the findings with government authorities and partners for better planning, coordination and targeting of transitional and recovery activities. The sources of data used in the VAS are derived from four complementary and integrated questionnaires: Boma Questionnaire, Payam Authorities Questionnaire, Health Technical Questionnaire and Education Technical Questionnaire. A mixed methods approach of key informant interviews, focus group discussions (FGD) and direct observation is utilized to collect and triangulate data throughout the data collection process. The data collection teams conduct assessments in the locations of interest by physically visiting each of the Bomas, villages and health and education facilities.

DTM Libya Bi-weekly Displacement Event Tracker 1–14 June 2017

Published on a bi-weekly basis, the Displacement Event Tracker reports on incidents related to IDPs, returnees and migrants, especially in regards to large population movement updates.

DTM’s Event Tracker is sourced via DTM staff and partners and is triangulated with data collected through DTM’s Mobility Tracking and Flow Monitoring components. All data reported in the Event Tracker is considered as reported and validated in all final reports published by DTM’s Mobility Tracking and Flow Monitoring projects.