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The strengthening of capacities and capabilities, in the field and at the global and regional level, has contributed to significant increase in level of implementation, particularly since 2010. In parallel, DTM concept of operation and methodologies have also been utilized and adapted to serve other areas of IOM’s work beyond internal displacement. As a result, demands for rapid expansion of DTM field activities and increase in number of countries of operation are expected to continue. In anticipation to this, IOM is always seeking to augment its human resource capacity to set up, roll out and manage the DTM in the field.

We are inviting potential candidates to submit their curricula/expression of interest to key functions of DTM team to be based in field locations worldwide. These include positions of Programme Coordinator, Database Officer, Reporting Officer, GIS Officer, Operation Officer, IM Officer and Data Analyst. Applications are open to internal and external candidates. You can find the relevant files below. Interested applicants should fill in and submit the questionnaire along with a CV by email to