Libya — Displacement Event Tracker (1—14 February 2018)

Published on a bi-weekly basis, the Displacement Event Tracker reports on incidents related to IDPs, returnees and migrants, especially in regards to large population movement updates.

In Bani Waleed, on 4th of February 600 Tawerghan IDP households were displaced in Qrart Alkataf as they attempted to return to Tawergha. In addition, On 14th February a road accident occurred involving 180 migrants resulting in 39 casualties and 19 victims. In Hrawa, On 2nd February 500 Tawerghan IDP households originating from eastern Libya attempted to return to their homes; Their main needs were shelter, medical assistance and food. On 6th of February 380 households returned to their original points of displacement within Benghazi. In Misrata, On 2nd of February 1500 Tawerghan IDP households from southern and western areas of Libya arrived at checkpoint 14. Their main needs were shelter, medical assistance and food.