Ngala County Biometric Registration Update (24 November 2017)

Biometric Registration by IOM Nigeria’s DTM Unit in Ngala County captured 26,796 displaced households, covering a total of 89,171 displaced persons. 84% of IDPs were women and children, and 20% were under 5 years old, while 5% were 60+ years old. 55% of IDPs were female, and 45% were male.   The overall average family size is 3.3, with 39 per cent of the families comprising of 1–2 members, 38 per cent  of the families comprising of 3–4 members, and 24 per cent of the families comprising of 5–9 members. During the registration exercise, the enumerators collected vulnerability data to identify individuals that may require additional assistance. Out of the total population registered, about 10 per cent are people having at least one vulnerability.