Pulka Biometric Registration Update (22 February 2018)

Recently concluded Biometric Registration of over 5,000 new arrivals in Pulka, within the period of 16 January – 22 February 2018, has brought the total number of displaced persons identified in Pulka to 40,878 individuals (9,438 households). The average family size within the location is 4.3, with 32 per cent of families comprising of 1-2 members; 30 per cent comprising of 3-4 members; 21 per cent comprising of 5-6 members; 12 per cent comprising of 7-8 members; and 6 per cent comprising of 9-11 members. During the registration exercise, the enumerators collected vulnerability data to identify individuals who may require additional humanitarian assistance. Out of the total population registered, 13 per cent are people experiencing at least one of the vulnerabilities (shown below). Vulnerability figures are obtained through interviews with heads of households, in the presence of other family members. The majority – 93 per cent of the IDPs in Pulka – were displaced from Pulka (61%) and other surrounding wards (32%) in Gwoza Local Government Area (LGA); 3 per cent are originally from Bama LGA; 1 per cent are from Jere LGA; 1 per cent are from Maiduguri LGA; and 2 per cent have been displaced from other locations.