Somalia — Baidoa Movement Trend Tracking (23—29 March 2018)

This week there were only 330 new arrivals through the Baidoa checkpoints, the fewest number recorded by MTT since Mid-January. After six weeks in a row with no exit, 13 individuals were recorded exiting the town to cultivate their farms, since the Gu seasonal rains had begun in their villages of origin. The key drivers for displacements into Baidoa were prolonged drought and insecurity at the villages of origin. As for why IDPs were entering Baidoa this week, all the new entries cited either water (62%), insecurity (22%), lack of food (8%) or access to health (8%) as the key driving factor for displacement into the IDP sites in Baidoa. As reported this week, 44% of those entering came from the district of Baardhere, 26% from Baidoa district, 15% from Wajid district and 15% from Hudur district. They were heading to the IDP sites of Eesaw (44%), Sarmandhere (31%), Gumurow (16%) and Manay (9%).